Important Announcement

Due to a legal dispute that DMA is not able to afford, it is with great sadness that in two weeks the website service will be shut down indefinitely.
As some of you may know, DateMyAvi has never been about making money. We have, over the years, striven to offer a useful affordable service to all peoples of SL. Our main personal goal over the years has been to increase the traffic of the sim, not to provide an income to retire on. Unfortunately due to some people disputing the payment system for the website, and thus taking it further than was required, we are forced to shut down the website service to protect ourselves from further unwarranted financial burden which we simply cannot afford. The fact is we don't have the energy or desire to fight for a free service we designed to simply bring SL people together that we take a monthly loss on (Tier, server, Hosting and Bandwidth, etc.). We at DateMyAvi thank you for the past 6 years that you have been with us, and for your understanding in this matter. Any queries regarding this matter should be directed to Elizadane Resident (Eliza Phoenix).

DateMyAvi Management.